Yu Nuh See It

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  1. Nuh true?- Expression of verifying the truth; Isn’t it so? Nuh easy- A very popular expression saying one is acting a bit off the wall or uneasy, or when ones manners are not in order. Yu nuh easy! Nutten- .
  2. Oct 16,  · Then You and Me Lyrics: Mi heart yuh wan' rip out / See it yah / See it yah / See it yah / Di people dem weh you'd ah die for / Ah dem quick fi bruk yuh vibes dawg / Treat yuh like ah light bulb.
  3. May 20,  · From me see the synthetic hair and the chain weh dem wear, me know dem a the fakest Cause we nuh need yuh [Chorus] Me'll take a phone call, me'll take a .
  4. I’m not even gonna go any further into that but let me say this, Shelly you salty as f**k and can’t say sh*t where that money is concerned because you didn’t have shit to do with it suh yuh nuh entitled to ANYTHING from it! (I’m not gonna call the company’s name and mix dem inna f**y and cause di .
  5. Oct 23,  · And yuh fi know wi nuh fuck man bredda Yuh nuh see a bare gun man deh ya Wileside man fall black rain Pon a bright sunny day Mek it tun bad weather. More on Genius "Wileside Government" Track Info.
  6. Jul 14,  · Dem nuh waah yuh fi bloom like flower Suh dem try anything fi tek weh yuh powers Dem werewolf Dem a vampire Dem wi drink yuh blood Literally If yuh nuh careful Is a knife inna yuh body But dem seh it accidental Dem doh want yuh fi become a boss Dem waah yuh wear dem old underpants Dem vision foggy Dem seh dem a good pal But dem waah yuh fi call.
  7. Yuh nuh see it Girls from near and far a request mi banana Mi a di gyal dem banana farmer Di whole a dem a request mi banana (Daylight come and dem nuh wah go home) Give dem it one time, two time Dem wah more (Daylight come and dem nuh wah go home) Give dem it three time, sometime dem wah four (Daylight come and dem nuh wah guh home).
  8. Mar 03,  · Anything weh yuh see mi got on Ah mi pay fi it, nuh bwoy never see mi barter It ah limit go fi fi mi fashion Ah pussy mi go fuck if mi go visit Japan Mi take dem back to basic.

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