I Betcha

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  1. short form of " bet you", meaning that you are very sure about something: I betcha some of them even considered leaving the team.
  2. Sep 26,  · I Betcha Lyrics: Hit that shit, man / QB Kokizzle / This is an exclusive / Spit that shit, my nigga / Now there one’s thing that you can’t deny / Everything you say is a lie, yeah / Braggin.
  3. I betcha, I betcha, I betcha you can't I betcha, I betcha, I betcha I can Betcha can't jump over this tree, Try something that is hard for me Betcha can't leap over this Lake Oh, Come On! It's a piece of cake If you say that I can't, then talk to the hand Cause I betcha, I betcha, I betcha I can! I betcha, I betcha, I betcha you can't.
  4. May 20,  · Betcha' Lyrics: I gave you my all from the start / Every piece of my heart / Making incredible love to you / Growing so close everyday / I never thought that you would go away / .
  5. Oct 13,  · New York, NY (October, ) -- On Monday, October 10th Italian Singer/Songwriter and Pop Recording Artist Alessandro Coli released his brand new single "I Betcha.
  6. ‘betcha can't leave without at least one home-made goody from the bakery counter’ ‘I betcha 98% of Americans wouldn't know who he is’ ‘But when I get asked about local artists of the 60s, or how to apply for film grants, or Roman archaeological finds in Great Britain: You betcha!’.
  7. I Betcha Lyrics: Uniqua: If you say that I can’t, then I’ll take a stand, ‘cause I betcha, I betcha, I betcha I can! / Pablo: I betcha, I betcha, I betcha you can’t! / Uniqua: I betcha, I.
  8. betcha definition: Contraction 1. (informal) Eye dialect spelling of bet you.I betcha any money that that's the case. 2. (eye dialect, informal) Can be sure of dawynsternfirenalmehuginn.xyzinfo betcha! (meaning You bet your bottom dollar!)Origin Bet + -cha.

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