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  1. Walt Disney World News Round-up For Monday June 1, Governor Ron DeSantis has approved Disney World's proposal which means that, Disney will officially reopen July 11th. Disney World's reopening is coming with a lot of new health and safety measures that range from social distancing to serious operational changes at the Parks.
  2. Camp No Counselors is the premium adult summer camp. We host 4 day summer camp events at some of the best camps around America. Our summer camp is perfect for grown-ups to get a Camp Getaway.
  3. The Swede complains that it’s childish, so the Norwegian suggest they play the grown up version where you have to remove something from the other person’s life (like a car or money). The ending result is the Swede and the Finn going crazy, kidnapping the Dane to remove him from the Norwegian’s life, and then removing something from the.
  4. For Grown Ups. Plays that contain mature language and/or content. Note: unless otherwise indicated, these are rated PG! Featured. STRIKE. by Keenan Scott II. During the railroad and bus strikes in Detroit in , a group of friends try to enjoy their Friday night. 5 humans. The First Crack.
  5. Visit AARP to find the latest movie reviews, exclusive celebrity interviews, news, movies for grownups articles, quizzes and more.
  6. Coloring for Grown-ups is a fu n, inventive app for iOS that gives users another option for filling dead time. One of the more inventive features of Coloring for Grown-ups is Drunk Mode. Drunk Mode actually takes the image you are trying to color, splits it into layers and then moves it around so that it’s nearly impossible to complete.
  7. Wargaming for Grown-ups A blog about combining wargaming with real life, incorporating comments about how to make the most of being a grown up and a wargamer. Thursday, 2 July Taiping Update. The last week or so I've had a major push working on the "Taiping Era" rules. The download version I put up several years ago (don't look - it's.
  8. Hilarious Board Game for Grown Ups! Rigamarole Board Game. Rigamarole Board Game. A super fun and unique party game full of interesting ‘challenges’ and tasks that players need to perform from time to time as they move around the board! These ‘tasks’ will be hilarious, of course!

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